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January 2008 Memo Sent to All UCR Students

January 2008

To All University of California Riverside Students:

As classes once again begin and your use of the campus network and the Internet increases, it is extremely important to understand the personal risks involved with illegal file sharing and downloading of music, movies, and games.  Students must be aware of these risks not only because of possible campus disciplinary action, but also to protect against criminal prosecution and the initiation of civil lawsuits by copyright holders.

Copyright holders are increasingly resorting to various forms of litigation when illegal file sharing is discovered.  When copyright holders resort to legal action, there is little the University can do to protect copyright infringers (please visit dmca.ucr.edu for additional information).  Given the tremendous risks associated with illegal file sharing, UCR is urging students to explore other alternatives to obtain and enjoy music.  Indeed, there are many legal downloading services available to students, and you may review some of these alternatives on UCR's Legal2Share website (http://cnc.ucr.edu/legal2share/).

For example, the Legal2Share site contains information about Ruckus, an Internet music service that allows students to protect themselves while continuing to enjoy music via a FREE subscription.  Ruckus provides fast and legal access to over 3 million songs, and you can enjoy the music as long as you are a member (you can download songs, full albums, and videos).  UCR already has over 2000 subscribers and the number is growing as more and more students sign up for this legal service.

Ruckus registration takes less than a minute (please visit www.ruckus.com).  There is also a My Ruckus Facebook Application that can be added to your Facebook profile.

Ruckus Facts:

Sign up for Ruckus at www.ruckus.com/
Share Information about Ruckus at www.ruckus.com/invite
Ruckus for Facebook Users? Info at http://apps.facebook.com/ruckusnetwork/

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.  For questions or concerns about illegal file sharing, federal copyright legislation, or UCR's partnerships to provide legal access to online music, please visit: http://www.dmca.ucr.edu/ or email your thoughts to Larry McGrath, Director of Computing Support Services (at Larry.McGrath@ucr.edu).

Charles Rowley
Associate Vice Chancellor, Computing and Communications
University of California, Riverside

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