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October 2010 Announcement

Important Cyber Issues Memo

Dear UCR Students,

I wanted to send you a quick reminder about two important “cyber issues” that could impact your experience here at UCR.

First, please recall that sharing and trading of copyrighted music, movies, games and software using the campus network is NOT LEGAL, and the entertainment groups that track such illegal activities are vigilant about enforcing penalties when such activity occurs. At UCR, these penalties can include legal and disciplinary actions to you as a student.

Secondly, please note that an increasing number of students have been responding to phishing emails that request personal information (i.e. user id, passwords, date of birth, etc.). When a campus account becomes compromised, access is suspended until the situation can be remediated.

Access to UCR’s wired and wireless network, as well as the important academic and student systems available on the network (from Growl to iLearn), are important aspects of daily campus life. I am therefore encouraging you to please take appropriate steps relating to illegal file sharing and phishing scams to ensure your internet access is never interrupted.

Thank you for your attention to these important matters. If you have any questions, please contact Larry McGrath, Director Computing Support Services for Computing and Communications at Larry.McGrath@ucr.edu. Please find additional information below concerning these critical issues.

Charles Rowley
Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO
Computing and Communications
University of California, Riverside

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