Digital Millenium Copyright Act

DMCA Education and Communication Efforts at UCR

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is actively engaged in activities aimed at ensuring the appropriate use of the campus network, which includes addressing the issue of illegal file sharing and ensuring compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

UCR's efforts relating to the DMCA have three important components:

  • Coordinated and cooperative campus efforts aimed at effectively responding to DMCA related inquiries;
  • A technical infrastructure that limits that amount of campus bandwidth available for file sharing thus discouraging illegal use of Peer to Peer (P2P) software; and
  • Various communications / educational initiatives aimed at increasing awareness of the DMCA legislation and its provisions.

UCR actively responds to DMCA inquiries and manages P2P traffic on our data network. UCR plans to continue its communications / educational efforts which will include the following initiatives:

  1. A comprehensive DMCA web site for campus students, staff, and faculty (please visit http://dmca.ucr.edu/).
  2. Periodic links to this site on the UCR home page. The DMCA web site will be featured as a "Spotlight" site on the UCR home page throughout the academic year.
  3. Periodic e-mail messages to all students with information on DMCA compliance and the issues involved with illegal peer to peer file sharing.

Read the most current e-mail announcement.

  1. Annual advertisements in the student newspaper containing information on DMCA compliance and the issues involved with illegal peer to peer file sharing.
  2. Annual distribution of DMCA compliance information to residence halls students during orientations. The information distributed contains information from the Background section of UCR's DMCA web site.
  3. Annual distribution of DMCA compliance information to academic departments, student support offices, and student organizations offices.
  4. Placement of "posters" in all public microcomputer facilities (these posters are in the computer labs throughout the academic year). The aforementioned DMCA Background information will be utilized on the posters.

These communications efforts are monitored throughout the year to determine effectiveness (and updated / modified as required). The goal of these efforts is to ensure that all campus constituents are fully aware of the DMCA legislation and as a result, utilize campus resources appropriately.

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